Full Name of Organization Actions For Green Myanmar
Abbreviation AFG
Month/Year Of Establish 2016, Dec
Total Members  
Address Room(A-8), Bldg (138-B1), New University Avenue Road, Sayar San Ward, Bahan Township, Yangon
Email [email protected]
Main Sectors of Work Environmental Conservation and Protection
Water Resources Management
Community Forest and Forest Facility
Livelihoods for Environment

Background History

A Brief History of AFG

Actions For Green Myanmar is a network of NGOs and CBOs initiated by Swanyee Group in Dec 2016 participation with Ashoka Social Development  Association, Thirst-Aid, Rhodopendron Integrated Development, Myanmar Consumer Union, Nan Oo Teaching & National Youth Development Organization, Myo-Khame Development Organization and CBOs in various locations in myanmar.

Main Sectors of Work

  1. Environmental Conservation and Protection
  2. Water Resources Management
  3. Community Forest and Forest Facility
  4. Livelihoods for Environment


People are living with quality environment, which reduces the impacts of the climate change, improving socio-economic status and towards the sustainability development.


  1. Assist in work towards the development of long term solutions.
  2. Assisting communities, especially for the people by providing soft and hard infrastructures as the basic needs, and the other necessary assistances to cope their lives by self-reliant basis.
  3. Advocate for and assist in community capacities to care for their management of natural resources effectively and efficiently, and climate change adaption.