Action for Green Myanmar

Environmental Conservation and Protection

Myanmar Agriculture Network is building natural resources back better to create a more productive, safe and sustainable environment. Mangrove is vital role to reduce disaster risk by restoring environmental services of flood mitigation. More Detail
Action for Green Myanmar

Water Resources Management

Myanmar Agriculture Network provided access to an adequate quantity and quality of water and develop plan to distribute water for agriculture, sanitation, manufacturing and leisure by managing the optimize use of water resources in community. More Detail
Action for Green Myanmar

Community Forest and Forest Facility

Myanmar Agriculture Network has to establish legal status for the forest users in Myanmar reserved forest for the sustainable livelihoods as well as rehabilitation and sustainable forest. More Detail
Action for Green Myanmar

Livelihoods for Environment

Livelihoods activities are integral component of other programs, with stronger emphasis on food insecurity, income generating, CMC and so on. More Detail

About Us

Myanmar Agriculture Network is a network of NGOs and CBOs initiated by Swanyee Group in Dec 2016 participation with Ashoka Social Development Association, Thirst-Aid, Rhodopendron Integrated Development, Myanmar Consumer Union, Nan Oo Teaching & National Youth Development Organization, Myo-Khame Development Organization and CBOs in various locations in myanmar.